BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-// TZID:America/Los_Angeles X-WR-TIMEZONE:America/Los_Angeles BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=America/Los_Angeles:20221112T090000 DTEND;TZID=America/Los_Angeles:20221113T170000 DTSTAMP:20220325T063742Z URL: oh-2-day-nov-2022/ SUMMARY:Defensive Handgun ll (CCW Permit/PPOH) 2-Day DESCRIPTION:The Defensive Handgun II class often meets the requirements for obtaining a Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) permit in many CA jurisdictions\ , as well as in a number of other states. Through a combination of classro om and range training over two days\, we will cover the knowledge and skil ls required to carry a firearm for personal protection outside the home.\n \nWe follow the NRA CCW Course. Upon completing the class\, you will recei ve a certificate from 29 Outdoor Gear\, an FFL and approved training provi der for Napa\, Solano\, and Sonoma County Sheriff's Departments\, and City of Napa Police Department. Several other law enforcement agencies recogni ze our CCW training as well. Threat Scenarios is the affiliate training or ganization of 29 Outdoor Gear with the same management. Through a partners hip with Down Range Logistics\, our CCW training is also recognized by the Sacramento\, Yolo\, and El Dorado County Sheriff's Departments.\n\nDay 1 (8-Hours Classroom):\n\nStudents will:\n*Learn ethical responsibility\, de fensive mindset/awareness\, and how to avoid\, respond to and control an e ncounter.\n*Discuss legal considerations including proportionate use of fo rce\, CCW insurance\, and the aftermath of a shooting.\n*Prepare a plan in cluding firearm/holster selection\, and good habits such as scanning and a ssessing the environment.\n\nDay 2 (8-Hours Range):\n\nWhile emphasizing s afety\, students will:\n*Improve draw\, accuracy\, speed shooting\, and ta rget acquisition skills (including point shooting).\n*Move to\, use\, and shoot from behind cover.\n*Practice response drills (left\, right\, rear)\ , and retention shots.\n\nThe Defensive Handgun series is designed to take students from static line shooting into applying their skills in a real w orld environment.  Through the supervision of our instructors\, you will learn how to fight back with a firearm while under stress.\n\nPrerequisite s:\n\nIdeally\, the student should have a working knowledge of handguns\, their safe handling\, and some experience. However\, due to the high instr uctor-to-student ratio and small class size\, we often are able to adapt t o those with little or no experience. Students who do not demonstrate an a dequate level of safety or comprehension of the class material may be invi ted to return to a later class after completing some additional training.\ n\nWhat to Bring:\n\nGear: Ear protection (electronic is preferred)\, eye protection (wrap around glasses or glasses with some form of side protecti on preferred)\; athletic shoes\, boots\, or cleats.\nWe shoot outdoors so check the weather and dress accordingly. Class will proceed rain or shine\ , unless the conditions become unsafe.\n\nFirearm: Reliable semi-automatic handgun or revolver with three or more magazines (or speed loaders\, for revolvers). \n\nHolster: A rigid OUTSIDE THE WAISTBAND holster that does n ot collapse when the firearm is removed\, and at least two magazine or spe ed loader pouches. Holsters must be worn on the hip or thigh on the strong side\; and magazine holders must be worn on the belt.\n\nAmmo: At least 3 50 rounds for the various drills we fire during class.  Additionally\, y ou will need 100 rounds per handgun for the qualification test\; you must shoot and qualify with each gun you want listed on your permit\, and you'r e allowed to shoot it twice per gun for a passing score (the qualification course of fire if 50 rounds). Some people shoot/reload faster than others . How much ammunition you want to use is up to you.\n\nPersonal: Bring you r own lunch (there will be a 30 minute break). There is not enough time to leave and return. Cold water will be provided.\nClosed-toe shoes are requ ired\; long pants and lightweight long sleeve shirts are encouraged\; a ha t is recommended.\n\n \;\n\nFor those that want to take either the cla ss (or range day portion) without applying for a CCW\, rental firearm pack ages are available. Each package contains a modern\, reliable handgun such as a Glock\, three magazines\, electronic ear protection\, safety glasses \, and speed loader. The rental package is $45 for the day. If you would l ike to reserve a rental package\, select the appropriate ticket option aft er clicking the red 'Book Now' button below.\n\n \;\n\nWhere to Go:\n\ nWe are currently using Richmond Rod &\; Gun Club\, which is located a short drive from both I-80 and I-580. It is in a "nicer part" of Richmond. A portion is open to the public\; we will be on the non-public side.\nReg istered students will receive an email from staff about 1 week prior to cl ass with many details.\nWe will start at 9am sharp and continue to around 5pm. Please try to arrive 15 minutes before the class starts.\n\nFor addit ional questions about our CCW classes\, please view our FAQ.\n\nThis class will run all day Saturday and all day Sunday for a total of two days. REN EWALS- click "Book now" and one-day options will come up.\n\nCLASS COST: $325.00 for full 2 day course\n$195.00 for 8 hour range day/renewal sessi on\n$150.00 for 4 hour range day/renewal session\n$45.00 for handgun renta l kit (gun\, magazines\, eye and ear protection)\n ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: 018/07/defensivehandgun2.jpg CATEGORIES:Live Fire LOCATION:RIchmond Rod &\; Gun Club\, 3155 Goodrick Avenue\, Richmond\, C alifornia\, 94801\, Contra Costa County\, United States GEO:37.980601;-122.364908 X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION;VALUE=URI;X-ADDRESS=3155 Goodrick Avenue\, Rich mond\, California\, 94801\, Contra Costa County\, United States;X-APPLE-RA DIUS=100;X-TITLE=RIchmond Rod & Gun Club:geo:37.980601,-122.364908 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VTIMEZONE TZID:America/Los_Angeles X-LIC-LOCATION:America/Los_Angeles BEGIN:STANDARD DTSTART:20221106T010000 TZOFFSETFROM:-0700 TZOFFSETTO:-0800 TZNAME:PST END:STANDARD END:VTIMEZONE END:VCALENDAR