Threat Scenarios is proud to present our second Tactical Handgun Match at the Linden Gun Range in Linden, CA on September 29th, 2019.  This exciting event will feature a variety of situations designed to showcase your shooting skills.  Each course will feature a 180 degree field of fire, multiple positions, as well as target engagement from behind cover and on the move. Come shoot Sunday!


Test Real World Skills

Neutralize paper and steel targets with speed
and accuracy. Fire and move.


Use Real World Equipment

No race or gamer gear allowed.
Shoot your duty, CCW, or home defense firearm.


Practice Real World Focus

Simulate pressure situations by pushing to finish courses of fire under the clock.

Match Entry Fee


Free Match

Best Overall Individual Time

The full match fee will be refunded to the top placing finisher.

3 Free Matches

Best Overall Team Time

All team members of the best performing team will receive a full match refund.

Random Draw

Special Prize

One random draw winner will receive a mystery prize at registration!


Match Information

Safety Rules & Procedures




Bookings are closed for this event.