Build skills for defense, recreation, and competition.

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Client Testimonials

  • “The setups and shoothouse provide a level of realism only rivaled by an actual life changing event.
    I was totally wired on adrenaline after each scenario. “

    —Tony Y. Partner at a SF Hedge Fund

  • “The class was a one of a kind experience.
    Anyone looking to test their limits of preparedness and judgement under extreme stress should take it.“

    —Derrick N. Marketing Professional

  • “The diagnostic class really helped highlight and correct mistakes in my fundamentals.
    I was able to overcome what looked like a serious performance plateau in my shooting.“

    —Bong M. Executive at a Global Tech Company

  • “I always considered myself somewhat prepared and able to handle myself.
    This course helped me re-think and expand my ability to evaluate my surroundings.“

    —Lars M. Infrastructure Engineer

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