Home Invasion Defense Planning

A home invasion is a type of burglary which occurs when a member of the household is present. They are real, and they happen more frequently than you might think. Do you have a firm grasp on your legal rights as a homeowner? Do you know the appropriate amount of force you may use against an intruder? What should you … Read More

Designing Scenarios for Classes

Ever since Threat Scenarios was in the concept phase, we’ve received innumerable suggestions from people of various backgrounds about which situations they wanted to simulate. “How about a robbery at a 7/11?” “An active shooter at the mall?” “Can we do one where a guy breaks into my house?” But what really makes a good scenario? What does the participant … Read More

Learning From Competition

If there’s one thing to be said about competitive shooting, it’s that it makes you realize there’s always room for improvement. Those of us in USPSA have shot against the best in the world at hitting targets, because that’s all we practice. It’s a pure set of rules, and the most talented / most efficient / most accurate people invariably … Read More