At Threat Scenarios, we work with people across the spectrum of experience, from officers with SWAT training to the average civilian gun owner. A question we’ve been asked repeatedly by possible clients (and curious onlookers) is “What is the main takeaway from your training?” We believe that everyone tends to get something different by working with us, so we thought that we would post some of the feedback we’ve heard directly from participants.

These are a handful of the testimonials that have been received to date:

-What an eye opening class. As an avid shooter in both the tactical and competitive scene as well as a responsible CCW citizen, this class was an amazing experience in many aspects. This is not a marksmanship class. This is not a gun handling or competition oriented class. This is a class designed to put you in usual and unusual situations with high stress factors. It is designed to change the way you evaluate and react in those situations. Great take aways from this class and has really educated me in the MINDSET of threatening scenarios. Until you are put into those life-like situation, you will never know how you truly react and be able to learn what what you did right, and more importantly, what you did wrong.

-A great program designed to put you under stressful situations which allows you to learn a lot about yourself. I think anyone looking to improve their ability to cope with high pressured situations should take a course. You usually don’t want to wait until it’s a real situation to find out how you’ll truly react…

-This is class is a MUST for those who own a firearm. It’s a great opportunity to test yourself and get a baseline of your response in stressful panic type situations. Managing the stress while thinking clearly and avoiding tunnel vision was paramount to not getting shot or shooting innocent role player. Gear used during the class was all provided. Staff is knowledgeable/experienced and really nice.They were very helpful in making me feel comfortable. Looking forward to the next one.

-No matter how much time you spend at the range, in competition, or in defensive firearms classes, nothing will prepare you as completely without this type of reality based scenario training. Without it you literally do not know what you do not know. Despite cognitively understanding that we were only using UTM rounds, it is surprising to realize how my heart rate and breathing were impacted by the end of each scenario. In other words, you may tell yourself that this isn’t real, but your body reacts as if it were.

-The Defensive Scenarios program was the best money I’ve ever spent on training and a must do if you would ever consider defending yourself with a gun. The scenarios were well thought out and put us in a variety of different circumstances that were both relevant and realistic. The role players were to man/woman excellent, smoothly escalating/deescalating as the scenarios progressed and our behaviors warranted. This program clearly drives home the point that gun-handling and marksmanship are only a small part of surviving a violent encounter.

-Of the 10 of us there I think some of the scenarios literally had 10 different outcomes and some a combination of shoot / no-shoot. There is no “right” answer except the answer that is right for YOU.