All Threat Scenarios classes are listed in the chart and calendar below. Grayed out events do not currently have any class dates scheduled. You can click on any class to view its description, or you can click on the class category icon at top to learn more about it.


Hand to Hand

Live Fire

Force on Force
Level III
(any order)

195   TBD

Defensive Handgun III
295   TBD

Performance Handgun III
235   TBD

Advanced Scenarios
235   TBD

Level II
(any order)

Weapon Defense
195   Oct 27, 2018

Performance Handgun II
195   TBD

Defensive Handgun II (CCW Permit/PPOH) 2-Day
295   Sep 29, 2018

Defensive Tactics 2-Day
495   TBD

CCW Scenarios -FULL-
235   TBD

Pairs Scenarios
235   Nov 10, 2018

Level I
(any order)

Street Defense
165   Oct 7, 2018

Performance Handgun I
125   TBD

Defensive Handgun I
165   Oct 6, 2018

Home Defense Scenarios (Return Fire)
165   TBD


First Steps Basic Pistol
145   TBD