Our philosophy at Threat Scenarios is that there is no single correct answer to a problem. We believe that learning is a continuous process, and that everything one learns should be constantly questioned.

When it comes to a defensive mindset, both our students and instructors have unique individual experiences, skills, priorities, and biases. These factors all lead us to approach a situation differently. It is not up to us to tell people how they should feel. Rather, it is our goal to get people to ask questions and to develop a plan for themselves. We strive to expose flaws, explain alternatives, and encourage critical thinking.

Knowing the “why” behind a particular way is far more valuable than simply knowing the way itself.

Many individuals never leave their comfort zones. Oftentimes, a person’s identity is forged in iron, and anything which differs from an established belief or routine is immediately viewed with hostility or possibly rejected outright. We believe in staying open minded and constantly challenging ourselves. Only by trying new things and being receptive to new ideas can we truly grow. Threat Scenarios instructors will always demonstrate a technique which they are teaching, and are always willing to discuss and find ways to objectively test new theories.

If you feel apprehensive about taking a reality-based training class because you’ve never taken one before, the ability to overcome that fear is far more important than anything you will learn in a single day. If you’ve never participated in a shooting competition because you’re concerned that you might be judged or that you might be embarrassed, your willingness to go anyway says a lot more about you than the final result of that match.

Being able to think clearly and perform well under stress is a faculty which extends far beyond shooting or martial arts. We seek the quiet confidence in being able to take risks and to confront the unknown.