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Date(s) - Oct 19, 2019 - Oct 20, 2019
9:00am - 5:00pm

Novato Shoothouse


This class is a comprehensive deep-dive into defensive firearms tactics, and acts as one of the cornerstones of our training program.  Through a combination of classroom instruction and practical force on force drills, you will learn the theory and application of how to move, engage, and mitigate your risk in a threatening situation.  Over two days, the class will:

*Study and apply concepts of how space is controlled, such as the fatal funnel, hard corners, and cover vs. concealment.
*Practice weapons positioning and manipulation in tight spaces and around doorways with pistols and rifles.
*Communicate efficiently in a hostile environment.
*Build skills in slicing the pie, room defense, and moving safely throughout your home or workplace.
*Work in both bright and low light conditions (flashlight).
*Plan and execute techniques as an individual and with a partner.

Defensive Tactics contains an extensive drills based schedule (with a lot of shooting) and will involve a combination of paper target exercises, as well as direct force on force resistance with return fire against our dedicated roleplayers. Both participants and roleplayers will be armed with UTM converted Glock 17 pistols and AR-15 rifles.

This class focuses almost entirely on tactical execution, and less on the legalities of use-of-force (which is discussed more in Scenarios classes).  You must have previous force on force experience, or have already taken a Threat Scenarios force on force class to be eligible.  We’ve listed some additional live fire basic skill expectations below. However, we are interested primarily in your ability to be SAFE, not your skill level. For more details on our rules and what to expect, please see our FAQ.


Legal ownership of a handgun.
Ability to safely manipulate a handgun and AR-15 style rifle under stress.
Ability to consistently shoot about an eight inch group (one shot per second) at 10 yards with a handgun.
Ability to safely and healthfully navigate a shoothouse course under stress.
Previous force on force experience (military, law enforcement, or Threat Scenarios class).

What to Bring:

Gear:  Long sleeve shirt. Athletic shoes and long socks. You can bring your own gloves if you want. All other protective equipment (helmet, mask, groin protector, gloves, jumpsuit) will be provided.

Personal:  Bring your own lunch (there will be a 45 minute break on both days).  Snacks and water will be provided.

Participant Protection Level:  UTM Protective Gear and Jumpsuit


Where to Go:

Our Shoothouse is located in  Novoto, CA near the US-101 & CA-37 intersection (location will be disclosed to those attending the class). We will start at 9am sharp and continue to around 5pm. Please try to arrive 15 minutes before the class starts.



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