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Date(s) - Nov 10, 2018
9:00am - 5:00pm

Novato Shoothouse


Our Pairs Scenarios class is intended for intermediate level participants who have previously undergone force on force training.  Our instructors will take you through the dynamics of working with a partner to resolve threatening encounters inside and outside of the home.  In this eight hour course, you will:

* Strategize and communicate with a partner on how to safely extricate yourselves from danger.
* Manage the complexities of cover and movement as a team.
* Engage with more difficult threats and discuss the outcome in a group environment.
* Participate with our roleplayers in five real-world scenarios in which you and a partner will be carrying a firearm.

Our scenarios are not simply “shoot/no-shoot” exercises, and our dedicated roleplayers are not just living targets. They are characters, all of whom have different priorities and motivations. Some will run, some will fight, some will negotiate. All will react to you, including how you carry yourself and when and if you decide to present your weapon and shoot. There are multiple paths to choose, and each choice will be discussed at length in a group setting with students and staff.

In this class, our roleplayers and participants will be armed with the same UTM converted Glock 17 handguns used in law enforcement training and will be shooting UTM Man Marker Rounds. Roleplayers will react realistically when hit.

This class is suitable for intermediate level shooters who have taken our entry-level Home Defense Scenarios class, our CCW Scenarios class, or who have previously conducted force on force exercises during vocational training (MOUT, law enforcement, etc). While we are more interested in testing your decision-making, participants should be confident in their ability to safely operate a firearm. Please view our FAQ for more information.

NOTE:  A more experienced person is welcome to bring a partner who is less experienced, or who hasn’t done force on force training before (e.g. husband/wife combination).  In these circumstances, we will ensure that pairs who book together stay together throughout the class.  Please contact your instructor with any special requests.


Ability to safely manipulate a Glock handgun and an AR-15 rifle under stress.
Ability to consistently shoot a 12″ group at 10 yards with 1-2 second split times.
Ability to safely and healthfully navigate a shoothouse course under stress.
Previous force on force experience for at least one member of a pair.

What to Bring:

Gear:  Long sleeve shirt and pants. Athletic shoes and long socks. You can bring your own gloves if you want. All other protective equipment (helmet, mask, groin protector, gloves, and choice of a full jumpsuit or a sweatshirt) will be provided.

Personal:  Bring your own lunch (there will be a 45 minute break).  Snacks and water will be provided.

Participant Protection Level:  UTM Protective Gear


Where to Go:

Our Shoothouse is located in  Novoto, CA near the US-101 & CA-37 intersection (location will be disclosed to those attending the class). We will start at 9am sharp and continue to around 5pm. Please try to arrive 15 minutes before the class starts.



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