Learn a program concentrating on the kinetics of shooting: body positioning, leverage, ergonomics, and focus, which will take your speed and accuracy to the next level. We teach a system of mechanics designed to minimize any unnecessary influence that a shooter may impart on the firearm, while allowing him or her to maintain a solid platform to deliver rounds on target. It’s simple, repeatable, and proven in competition and defensive encounters.

Our classes range from basic firearms instruction for beginners, through advanced techniques such as shooting while moving to position. We also offer courses tailored to USPSA / IPSC competitors.

Upcoming Classes

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Other Classes Offered (Schedule Pending)

CA CCW Certification (2 Day)
Defensive Handgun (1 Day)
Defensive Rifle (1 Day)
Handgun Skill Builder (1 Day)
Intro to USPSA (1 Day)

…and more to come